Thursday, February 26, 2009

I know someone on Hell's Kitchen!

Check it OUT! I'm super excited. I don't watch Hell's Kitchen, but for the last two weeks anytime I see an ad for it I keep seeing a chef in some of the shots that looks SO familiar. I finally looked him up today, and I was right.

He's Ben, who was the chef when I worked at the members-only Club at the Chicago Symphony Center. He was on loan from Rhapsody on those days, and was a big, boistrous guy. Super talkative, always joking. If I remember right, he and I had a funny relationship because a Moody student was actually his babysitter when he was a kid. His dad is some rich businessman in Chicago, and Moody students babysit all over the city. So the babysitter was actually a guy on the Moody soccer team, and Ben used to go to Moody and hang out in the cafeteria and sometimes play soccer with the guys. He's Jewish, and he said he used to get a kick at the reactions of the Moody students when he'd swear.

I was at that point very close to denying I was ever associated with Moody, so when he found out I went there I was so embarassed. He reassured me that he loved Moody, it was so fun.
In any case, he was such a personality that I just might have to start watching the show to see how it goes for him.

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