Friday, March 27, 2009

Idol and Lost thoughts

It's super frustrating to have my two shows be at the same night, and to have my small group also on that night.

Lost - He's Our You
I cheated and read some recaps before watching Lost online this morning, so I knew kid Ben got shot. It sucks to watch Sayid be so umm... dark and twisty? lol. Anyways, I thought the most profound comment I read was from's James Poniewozik. He comments that what LOST did in the last two episodes is to make you feel genuine sympathy for the show's arch-villain. He says that Lost was more effective in those two hours then Star Wars was in three feature-films, attempting to make the audience sympathize with Anakin.

Ben w/gun to head on "Lost"

This show is amazing.

Anyways, I have a distinct feel that Sayid, the flaming bus, and the whole staging of events is about to be "The Incident".

The chick that put Sayid on the plane (who is also in one of my all-time favorite movies - The Namesake) must be working for Widmore, whether she realizes it or not.

This show actually didn't show us much except for the shooting of Ben - the rest of it was mostly drama, which ok with me. We've been on such a wild ride the last couple of weeks, I don't mind if we take it slow for a while.


American Idol


This was one of those weeks when someone gets kicked off that wasn't fantastic and should have been kicked off before too long, but sadly had to leave before some people that were definitely worse then him. Scot HAS TO GO. His vocals are way too limited for this stage of the game. Having said that, it was very cool to see him on stage with a blind singer that has definitely made it in the business. What an inspiration that must be for him.

In any case, how did Michael get voted off before Megan? That mystifies me. I loved that he went out with such a great attitude and such a big smile. He really is such a likable guy. On the other hand, Matt Giraud is an amazing singer (reminds me of Jazon Mraz), but when he unexpectedly was called to the bottom three he looked so crestfallen I wanted to hug him. When he continued to look crestfallen, sullen, and sort of like he wanted to punch someone.... then I thought, "Dude, you're trying to get people to LIKE you and sympathize with you, and your childish pouting is seriously not helping your case." Like Kris Allen - I don't think he's amazing, but watching him up there grinning and dancing was so charming I thought, "I really like that guy and I hope he lasts a while." See? Matt. Smile. Genuinely.

Top 13 MAtt Giraud


  1. Idol is the only show I have time to follow this year. I agree, Megan has to go. She seems likable and all, I just don't like her voice.

  2. Matt is one of the worship guys at Jack's dad's church. Pretty cool.

    but i have to disagree on Megan - i LOVE her voice ... she's most definitely quirky, but i do love her unique sound ...