Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost - "Namaste"

Lost? Catch Up with Our Season 5 Refresher

I have loved the last few weeks and getting so many answers so quickly, but it's nice to have time slow down and to have most of our friends back on the island.

*oh dang, I just wrote "our friends" without even thinking about it. I'm too into this show*

The other thing I LOVE is finally getting to see Sawyer at the forefront. He's been my favorite character since season one, and while I love him as a snarky rebel, it's interesting to see him as the guy who knows what's going on. He's sure testy with Jack, though, so the rough edges are most certainly not smoothed over. Any votes as to how the dynamics of Sawyer and Juliet and Jack and Kate will play out? Given that I'm a Sawyer fan, I vote for a complicated switcheroo so that Juliet and Jack end up together, and the two cons keep each other company.

My question is, since we have just met young Ben, is older Ben acting off of the things that younger Ben learned from our Losties in the 70's? This also reveals why Ben knows so much about the Losties when they arrive on the island. Initially I thought he received full life bios from outside the island, but it may just be that he met them all when he was young and knows their whole stories already. I think it's quite likely that in the rest of this season we see some sort of complicated involvement between the Losties and little Ben - who looks strikingly like the young Harry Potter.

Another big question is - why didn't Sun get sucked through time like the rest of our people? Hmm... I don't get that.

And finally, this question was asked by the What's Alan Watching Lost recap. Where are Bernard and Rose and the dog?


  1. Goooood question! I'm dying to know where Rose and Bernard are. Have you heard the theory that maybe the Adam and Eve bones back in the cave was them? That's the best I can come up with right now, but I hate that nobody in the show has even acknowledged that they're gone...

    But I want Sawyer to stay with Juliet... I feel like it's the first healthy relationship we've seen so far... The best we've had up until now was Rose and Bernard, which turned into constant bickering and trying to control each other, and Jin and Sun, who have had a very troubled marriage over the course of the show. Kate seems about as dysfunctional as they come lol, and I feel like Juliet brings out the best in Sawyer.

  2. Welcome to the Lost Book Blog! It's always fun to hear from new voices. :)

  3. I too don't like Sawyer with Juliet although she is growing on me. I don't trust her 100 percent.

    I'm frustrated about the Jin/Sun lost in time seperation. I hope this doesn't take too long.

    Good question...where is Rose and Bernard? 1985?