Thursday, April 9, 2009

10 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries of Lost (as of 4/9/09)

Lost Seasons 1-4 DVD Boxset

I have been trying to order in my head what we have yet to discover about our mysterious island. I heard in some podcast or interview that even at the beginning of the first season, the producers knew WHAT the island was. They reordered characters and their backgrounds, but the island has been the point of the story all along.

So - here's what I don't know yet. Do you guys have any to add? Do you think you have the answer to any of these question?

  1. What IS the smoke monster?
  2. Who built the temple and the four-toed statue, and why?
  3. Who/what is Christian Shepherd?
  4. Who/what is Jacob?
  5. What are the whispers?
  6. How did the Black Rock get on the island?
  7. How was/is Walt special?
  8. Why did the Hostiles steal children, and what became of them?
  9. What happened to Claire?
  10. Why doesn't Richard Alpert age?
Runner up questions -
Who discovered the island's potential to travel through time, and what did they plan on using it for?
Dharma built their complex on top of the temple entry-way, so who first lived in Ben's room and what did they use it for?
Where are Rose, Bernard, Faradday, etc...
Why does Widmore want to go back to the island?

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  1. ZOMG, 4, 5, 9, & 10 bother me the most... Claire, Richard, Jacob, and the whispers all drive me crazy, HAHA!

    As for item 1, I'm starting to be ready to just accept the smoke monster as a kind of mystic servant of the gods lol, which is what the engravings in the temple seemed to be implying anyway...

    Item 7... I'm worried they're just going to drop Walt altogether. =/ But add in that a huuuge fuss was made about how important Aaron was, and how important it was that Claire be the one to raise him... what was the significance of all that??

    About item 8... do the Hostiles/Others steal children as a general rule? We thought they did, but our understanding of it is based entirely on Alex (which we now see was kind of a Ben-based fluke) and the kids from the original flight, which was after the Others were rendered sterile for one reason or another. *That* should be on the list too actually... why couldn't the Others have children all of the sudden? Up until the 70s for sure, everything seems fine in that department...

    Good list! I think the continually unanswered questions are a huge part of how Lost keeps us all hooked. :P

  2. Remember that scene from aaaaages ago, when we were in with the other half of the plane group, and they hid in the jungle when they heard someone coming, and all they could see as the group walked past was the feet of children and their ragged clothes, and the last one was dragging a doll or stuffed toy? I have got to look that up.... that remains a part of the child-stealing mystery to me.

  3. Hmmm, my question would be why is Desmond Faraday's constant? Why is Desmond still important to the island? Will he come back? Will he bring Penny and baby Charlie? Will Sun's daughter and Aaron go to the island and join their parents ever?