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American Idol Top 8

American Idol Top 8
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I don't like this theme. I didn't like it last year, don't like it this year. Too limiting. I'd much rather have a week like last week with an almost nonexistent them then a theme that's too narrow. Anyways, considering that annoyance, this week turned out OK.

  • Danny Gokey
Unlucky spot number one, who is generally forgotten by the end of the show! Will Danny's ratings drop this week? I've said before that Danny's popularity peaked early and he really has to work hard to get attention back from the spot-light thieves that are Adam Lambert and Kris Allen... and this week Matt Giraud.

By the way, anyone remember Chris Sligh? Curly haired chubby guy with an awesome voice and a great sarcastic sense of humor?

Chris Sligh / AI 6

In any case, his blog this week talked about meeting up with Danny Gokey and Jason Castro this week. How fun is that?

Danny sang "Stand by Me", and to me, it's boring. He always sings well, but he needs to really keep my attention right now, and he fails. The judges rave, though. Do they just love him, or did I really miss something?

  • Kris Allen
I've loved Kris the last few weeks, but this week's "All She Wants to do is Dance" is sort of uninteresting... much like Danny Gokey. Unlike Danny, the judges roast him. Helllooo... favoritism?

  • Lil Rounds
Simon still cannot say "Lil". He just doesn't get it.
While Danny needs to really impress us to stay at the top, Lil needs to really impress us to keep from getting kicked off. She too fails to impress in her performance of "What's Love Got To Do With It." I will say that I feel like it is a little bit more tender and emotional than some of the previous weeks, but given that EVERY week she's had the same problem, I'm officially giving up. I believe I said that last week about Megan - so Lil better look out? She's got pipes, but she tries to be a diva before developing a connection with fans that allows her to really bust it out and have the audience get caught up in the song with her.

  • Anoop Desai
Hah, I love it. Anoop is such a college kid. He can't help it. This week the shirt and the obvious excitement for the Tarheels just boosted his frat-boy reputation. And he apologized very pointedly for sassing Kara last week. Hmm... well, I think Simon is right and you don't have to apologize for sass on AI... unless Anoop really was just mad and so was intentionally rude rather then just trying to mess around to make himself interesting. If that's the case, then the apology was deserved and I respect him for it.

In any case, Anoop copies Kris and Adam and tries to do a slow, soft, and tender performance to win some extra connection with the audience. He's not quite as believable as Kris and Adam, but "True Colors" was still a great, emotional song. I like it, but after three boring performances, I am actually longing for something peppy.... uh oh... piano ballad boy is up next....

  • Scott MacIntyre
I groaned at the start of Scott's song because it started off as yet another sappy song from him, and I am so tired of hearing those performances. I looked up after groaning and was shocked to see him playing guitar! Impressive... but then again, he didn't play amazingly well.

I must say, Scott has really matured as a performer to me. They've helped guide his style, helped him grow in confidence and I really think his singing is better now. I do hate it when I feel like Kara or any of the judges are being nice to Scott because he's blind. That's the worst - a physical disability doesn't need coddling - that makes it worse. Thank you, Simon, for being just straight up honest with Scott. I think it's time for him to go home. His voice is more limited than any other contestant.

  • Alison Iraheta
Praise God, it's about time someone came on to spice things up a little. It's amazing, even Alison's baby pictures are cool. It must be innate.

Well, Alison actually disappoints me. She slows it up and does a much older style of performance of "I Can't Make You Love Me". Like Danny and Kris, it is sung just fine, but I find it sort of boring. Last week was sort of boring from her as well - bring it back Alison! Oh, and her skirt... was that a skirt? It was strange.

  • Matt Giraud
I told Isaac this was make it or break it week for Matt. He's done well, he's done badly, no one knows what to think of him. He has to bust it out.

Matt Giraud - hat!

He does! Matt totally redeems the snoozefest for me. I LOVE it. He sings "Part Time Lover" and does it funky and fun and bluesy. He smiles and shows his gorgeous dimples (and hides his mole). It reminds me of Blake Lewis, sort of. Great outfit. If I see more of that, Matt will be in my top three.

  • Adam Lambert
Usually the last spot is good because your performance is fresh on everyone's mind, but tonight Idol goes overtime and I wonder if Adam's performance was cut off for everyone that Tivos Idol. In any case, I told Isaac that this week would be a tough one for Adam, because he has had three flawless, amazing, and unique performances. How can he possibly keep that up?

(side note: Adam has red hair in this baby pictures!! I wonder what he'd look like with no makeup and no dye)

Amazingly, Adam totally keeps it up. He does an entire performance in ONE spot, mostly sitting in a chair in the center of the stage, lit with a blue spotlight. Like other weeks, his control while singing softly but strongly is UNBELIEVABLE. Every time I hear him sing like that I just shake my head because it is BEAUTIFUL. He is a stunning singer. Half the song is in falsetto, and it is flawless.

And... unbelievable.... Simon gives Adam a standing ovation. That is something I've NEVER seen before.

I just cannot believe Adam is the same guy that was so annoying in the first few weeks of this season. In the past four weeks he has just stunned me.

Best performances tonight:
Adam Lambert
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai

Three most record/radio ready contestants:
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Alison Iraheta

Three contestants that I love but have been inconsistent:
Kris Allen
Matt Giraud
Anoop Desai

Kick Off Immediately:
Lil Rounds

If someone other than Lil or Scot goes this week, I'm gonna be mad.

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