Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol - Final Two - Kris and Adam!

Live blogging here..
Isaac is voting for Adam and I'm voting for Kris, but probably neither of us will actually vote so in a way, our opinion doesn't matter one iota. However, I'm still writing!

Contestant Pick of songs from the season
First song is supposed to be one of the contestant's best performances of the season. Adam chooses Mad World, which was probably MY favorite of his performances because it was soft and tender. He's appealing to the masses here - the crowd that doesn't like his scream. Nice move.

Kris picks Ain't No Sunshine, which is also a pick for the masses. I liked Falling Slowly better, but this was truly beautiful, and the song where he first really stuck out to me as someone that could take a song and make it something new and beautiful.

Man, I just gotta say, I love Kris. LOVE his style.

Okay, Randy is wearing a plaid retro jacket, a checked purple and white shirt, and a polka-dotted tie. WHAT IN THE WORLD. Meanwhile, Paula looks like she stayed too long in the tanning machine, and her shirt reminds me of a lime popsicle.

Round one - Kris wins, but it's a close one.

Producer Picks:

Adam performs Change is Gonna Come. This is interesting because in my opinion it's different than anything he's done before. It is bluesy, almost southern gospel. He gets in a good long screech, though, and it fits the song. Seriously, this feels like a gospel choir performance except for the black nail polish. He is wearing a suit, though!

How hilarious is it that Adam totally avoided country music on country week, but managed to fit it in in the finale? It was great, as Randy says, "you can sing your face off!". I don't know what the judges are talking about though - this wasn't his best performance or interpretation. Not to say that it wasn't good, it's just that he's been phenomenal theo whole season, so I don't know how this particularly tops it.

Kris is singing something... I forget the name of it. I can sorta see why the producer picked it - it's a chill pop song, and they are dressing it up with the djembe. Kris does it well - but I often hate the producer and judges pick of songs, and I also hate the songs that they give the winner on their first cd. It all tends to be so cheesy and just... crap. Regardless of their voice. I felt like this song choice was that kind of a pick. Crap. He did alright, given the song choice.

Round two, Adam wins and I mentally lecture Simon Fuller.

Kara's Songs
*sigh*... I don't have a good feeling about this at all.
Adam is doing an intense tender song that will probably end in screams. Wait for it.... it's intensifying.... here it comes...
hey I heard a sour note! First I've heard from Adam all season. Maybe his voice is tired.
Wow, I was totally wrong. No scream. And I didn't like the song and found the entire performance uninteresting and probably one of Adam's worst of the season.
Way to go Kara.

I gotta say the start of Kris's song is boring.
Did he just forget a line or was it just paced funny?
He's singing better than Adam did, ironically, but it's more mountains and dreams and pink bunnies and butterflies (okay I lied about the last two).
I need to go listen to some Coldplay, I think. Something semi-depressing to conteract the cheez-whiz.
Way to go again, Kara.

Round Three leaves the contestants even and Kara being roasted over the coals.

Wow. that was a rather uninteresting show.
Who will win? I'm guessing Kris, mostly because the vast majority of people that liked Danny will probably vote Kris. I like Kris better but I hate the cds that Simon's record company puts out with the winners, so I almost hope he loses and gets to pick his own record deal.


  1. Kara needed to be put in her place tonight. I think the song speaks for itself.

  2. Yeaaahhhh... When you mentioned cheese before they even got to round 3 I was yelling - Oh, just WAIT, Kacie!!!! Writing that song was nothing to brag about. Nosireebob.

    I think Kris needs to skip the Idol Live tour and put out a worship CD STAT!

  3. Aw you think Kris will win? Aw, you are so cute.



    I thought both of them were bad tonight. It was kind of sad. I would buy a worship CD from Kris though, if it was authentic folksy Jack Johnson, which I think it would be.

  4. We can hope that Kris will get Danny's votes.

  5. Nice review. I still think Adam is better, but Kris has a great shot b/c he'll probably get all of Danny's voters.

  6. Although I'm a Kris fan all the way, I'm kind of like you, I hope he doesn't win so he can put out a record with the kind of music he wants!

  7. So apparently Kris did miss a line in Kara's song, but it probably improved the song a little as those lyrics were pretty awful. However, in Kara's defense, the producers required the song be an uplifting ballad that the show trots out for every finale. Still sucks though.