Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol Top 4 - Rock Week

Hmm... can we just go ahead and call this Adam Lambert week?

And, while we're at it, add the tag line, "so not Kacie's kind of music".

Apparently the best performance by a clear mile was Adams, but I didn't enjoy a moment of it.

I hate hard rock.

I mean, I even hated every moment of the feature on Slash, the mentor this week. Boo hiss. This is a bad week all around for me.

Adam pulls off a flawless rock performance. He doesn't have to be overly creative or push the envelope because this IS his style, and he does it perfectly. It is hard, angry, and I hate it. What will this do for him, though? I get the feeling that the Idol audience is heavy on the mom and kids side, and they'd tend to be more like me and be less enthused by a hard rock show.

In fact, the comments from the judges only increased my dislike, because them emphasized that Adam is awesome in the Nine Inch Nails/Led Zepplin arena. Because I have no desire to add even one hit song to the radio in this genre, I now am pretty convinced that I do NOT want Adam to win, simply because I don't like his musical style, though I still love his voice and don't mind his scream when it's in a non-rock song.

Unbelieveable. ;O

side-note: Why does Paula clap like a seal? Is it her ginourmous bling-bling rings from her signature jewelry line that keep her fingers from actually meeting when she claps?

Alison -
I like Alison, and this is also her style. I prefer her song to Adam's, because it has more softness to it. I agree that while she may seem nervous before and after performances, when she steps up to the mic she transforms into an accomplished performer - it's amazing to see.

Duet by Kris and Danny -
Hmm. This song isn't bad, and the vocals aren't bad, they just look like they are having to concentrate on every moment in order to get it right. It isn't polished or natural. Kris is definitely out of his league in the rock genre. I wonder if these two get along? I would hope so, but they look strained with each other, and apparently had a hard time finding a song for the two of them. The harmony WAS nice, though, and I must say that I rather like Danny singing rock. It's less cheesy than his pop performances.

Kris -
Well, I am biased towards Kris's performance both because I am by now a solid Kris fan, but also because I much prefer softer rock like this one (Come Together by the Beatles) than the ear-splitting stuff. Still.... in comparison to the other performances, this is the first week where Kris's vocal limitations REALLY make a contrast. And... Kris looks sad or sobered or something. Is he just nervous?

Ice for lunch? What in the world?

Danny -
I like Danny singing rock, but unfortunately compared to Alison and Adam, he just can't PERFORM rock. He doesn't have the persona. He is too gentle and happy, and his dancing is so bad... He is sort of the exact opposite of Adam's persona.
... and then Danny screams the last note, and it is near animalistic. I don't know if it's off key, but this just shows why Adam's scream is so amazing - Adam can scream musically. I've never really heard anything like it. Danny has a fantastic voice, but his scream.... was horrifying.

Adam and Alison duet -
Yay, this is actually my favorite performance of the night, because while Adam's song may have been good, it was hard and cold. This was FUN. They are awesome together, their voices and style just complement each other, and their smiles betray that they are absolutely loving it. Adam really brings it out of Alison - she really seemed older during that performance.

This will be interesting.

If we are voting based on the performances alone, we should be kicking of Kris... but please no! Personally I want Danny gone, but I still think he's popular. I just have a sick feeling that Alison might beat out Kris because of her fantastic performances tonight. Dang it, why did the judges use their save on Matt? This is the week we really need it!

So - this is my official plea - remember what it's like when we're not singing rock!


  1. Adam totally rocked it tonight, like there was ever a doubt he would.

  2. I agree with you about Kris looking sad or sobered or something. I said the same thing about Danny. Not sure what was up with those two. This whole season has been a set up for Adam to win...not fair to the others who actually might need the fanfare from AI.

  3. Needless to say, I was pretty upset with the judges after Kris's two performances. Kris deserves better than Jason Cook 2.0 status for going out before the semifinals. Also, why didn't they lambast Danny for botching that last note when so many contestants in the past have gotten tougher critiques for better performances. Oh right, because they want a Danny/Adam final.

  4. this week was SO rigged...i mean come on, ROCK....the specific genre of 2 of the contestants?? what does that mean for the other 2 that are SO not rock? unfair this late in the game. yeah, i thought kris looked really down last nite too....weird. simon was harsh man. :) yeah, the danny scream was not quite as great as the adam scream...i'll give you that for sure!! enjoy! :)

  5. Haha, I so totally love your commentary. I was agreeing with all of it. Good point on Adam screaming musically. Also, Kris was PISSED at something, I swear. He was hiding it well (very mature of him)..... but when Danny went to hug him, Kris just did this weird pat thing. I like Kris, but I think he was annoyed with this week. I think the Adam praise is getting to him.

    I wouldn't say this year was a set-up for Adam to win..... um, most people I talk to like Adam. It's a voting competition.

    But yeah, they want a Danny/Adam finale.


    Don't watch the whole thing, just notice how Paula SITS DOWN when he screams. LOL.

  6. "Do you think Allison was the right one to go home?"

    I guess I do. Like you said, based on that night's performance, Kris should've gone home. But Idol isn't about one night's performance. It's about the whole spectrum. This is why it's not unfair to have a rock theme so late in the competition.

    I would've sent Danny home, since I have NEVER connected to him except to laugh at his bad scream. That was the first time he stood out to me. However, a lot of people really like the guy... for reasons I don't understand. I can't help but think it's the dead wife talking, but that might be wholly unfair. I'll just call this one "Nicholas Cage syndrome." I've never connected to Nick either, for unknown reasons.

    So after that essay, yeah, I think Allison was the one to go home. Kris is too likeable, so is Danny, and Adam's too good a singer.

    Allison is good at hitting her one style (rock), but that's it. Her voice always sounds the same. She can't go subtle. I wonder if maturity would help that. Maybe she's backwards: strong at the forefront, softer with age.