Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol's incredibly amazing top three

I got on the American Idol bandwagon late, and it seems like at the same time I started, a lot of people jumped off. As a result, I hardly have any friends that watch the show (sad). Therefore, no one is able to sympathize with my total awe at the top three gentlemen of American Ido this season. I am REALLY impressed by our top three, and they are all so different.

So - to summarize, we have one gay flamboyant guy with an absolutely incredible voice who never makes a mistake but rocks out in a way that blogging moms don't tend to appreciate.

Then we have a likable raspy-voiced bluesy crooner with a heart-rending story of his wife's death and some bad dancing.
(note - this video totally doesn't show Danny's bluesy raspy side, so go to this one if you want to see his other side: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfpPDaqeeRc)

And finally, we have a quiet mannered newlywed cutie-pie that sings like a cross between Jason Mraz and John Mayer and plays some amazing guitar and piano.

So who are the top two? Oh man, I think my boy Kris is going home, which I think I'm okay with because I still think he'll go far.

A few notes from tonight's episode:

-The judges' bickering is cute sometimes, other times it's just flat annoying and just shouts narcissism. Tonight it was annoying. I wanted to pull Kara's face out of the screen and point her eyes at mine the way you do when you're lecturing a little kid, and firmly say, "SHUT UP."

-I thought it was interesting to hear Ryan repeatedly say that Kris has been a quiet, humble contestant. I have also heard other people say that a quiet joy radiates out of him, and I agree. To me, his faith is apparent in his demeanor and attitude, and I love it.

-Simon name-dropping Bono's personal contact with him sort of cracked me up. Oh, and by the way, I love "One" and I find it it interesting to see how people try to interpret Bono's lyrics

-I think Danny's version of "You are so Beautiful" was indeed beautiful and probably sent all of the middle-aged women into a hot flash, but for me it brought back vivid memories of Stephen Crafts in 4th grade singing it to a mortified Clare.

-Yeah baby, I LOVE what Kris did to Kanye's "Heartless", and it just shows once again why I love his style.

-Did anyone else see the last wide shot of the audience and the stage, and notice that on the judge's stage Kara was trying to get out of her chair and almost fell off? Hilarious.


I was youtubing clips from the contestant's hometown visits because I will miss seeing the recaps tomorrow. I loved this clip that I found of Kris leading "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin at his church:


  1. LOL, my husband and I were just talking about Kara. Even the way she moves her face bugs me. I think she's the reason that old fans of the show are jumping ship. It's funny how her and Randy are lumped together all the time, like their two opinions effectively count as one.

    Anyways, I hope you're wrong. I love Kris and thought his Heartless performance was the best of the night. I'm kind of hoping that he edges out Danny for a spot in the final two. Danny was my original fave, but now I'm thinking he's just not that original.

    As far as Adam goes, I love his voice when he's just singing. The screeching is getting old, he over uses it. That said, he's amazing and will likely win although I wouldn't be disappointed if he lost.

  2. Oh, and whenever I hear "You are So Beautiful" I automatically think of Alf Alfa singing it to Darla in The Little Rascals, so that performance didn't do it for me.

  3. Hey Kace,
    I love AI ... I'm still pullin' for Kris - he might, just might, make it ... i would SO love that ... i tried and tried to call for him last night and got busy signals ... can't wait for tonight! good review. lovin' your blog(s)

  4. I actually yelled "Shut Up" at Kara when she was complimenting Kris after his Heartless performance. When the judges compliment a contestant, I won't mind, but when they grandstand and sound like they are almost done, but then keeeeeeeeep talking; I practically lose my snuff. It's worse when they are bad mouthing a contestant too, but Kara seems the worst at grandstanding this season. How odd that Paula used to be the one that everyone complained about babbling.

  5. Kara didn't bug me. Huh.

    YEAH KRIS AND ADAM FINALE. I am so glad. Didn't love Danny.