Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Books vs. TV shows and my double-standards

When I read a mediocre novel I will toss it down at the end of my reading with disgust and rail on about junk-food style writing that isn't beneficial to actual thought and intelligence, and then settle down to read someone like Chaim Potok or Ayn Rand. Yeah. I think I'm so cultured and thoughtful.

And then I'll sit down and watch the Bachelorette.

I know. It's hypocritical.

Somehow I just can't stand reading for pure entertainment when I know there is plenty out there on my to-read list that is both entertaining and intelligent. However, sometimes I just need a brainless tv show that allows me to just unwind and laugh a little.

Part of it is that tv shows are just an hour long and books take hours and hours to read, so somehow I feel like it's just giving my mind a break to watch a show before getting back to business. My TV watching is also very interactive, because Isaac and I talk our way through shows, mocking them together.

And that, folks, is why watching the first two Episodes of The Bachelorette with Isaac has been extremely entertaining. I find The Bachelor to be infinitely frustrating, because there is not much that is more annoying than watching a houseful of women bicker and backstab. On the other hand, watching a houseful of guys compete for a woman is stinkin' hilarious. The competitiveness comes out strong, but so does the joking and manly sarcasm and all sorts of crazy guy antics. And then there's Isaac's commentary..... "Ooooohhh that guy just totally broke the man code. Not cool dude, not cool." I love it.

The show gets so trashy and ridiculous in it's final weeks, but right now it's pure entertainment.

And little to no culture and intelligence. ;)

I'd love to tell you our thoughts on Jake the romantic pilot from Dallas or the guy with the creepy foot fetish, or Juan the metro charmer with no sense of man-code, or Wes the way-too-intense country singer, or the hilarious break-dancer that is so not able to get serious enough to try to win the woman, or the handsome Kiptyn, but.... there is no time.


  1. I've never been able to get into The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, but I did enjoy some of beyond trashy VH1 dating shows. I bailed once Bret Michaels got his own show, but thought New York's dating show with idiotic men fighting over her silly persona was pretty funny. My former love of VH1 reality shows was always embarassing to admit to since I enjoy more high minded stuff like Lost and HBO shows.

  2. See, I am really intellectual about my TV (Rome, House, Kings, BBC... and no Lost, Heroes, CBW, etc.)... but totally free-wheeling about my books. For the most part. If it's badly written, I'll chuck it, but I read "fantasy" or "scif-fi" which is not considered intellectual.

    Though I admit to watching half of American Idol (no results show) and every season of America's Next Top Model. :P

  3. Lost, for me, is not intellectual because it isn't about its characters. It's not about character development as much as plot development (what's going on, what the characters are DOING not BEING). It's a different kind of intellectual. It is intellectual but in a way I don't gravitate towards quite as much.

    And this is from my understanding of Lost based on many conversations I've had with fans. You shouldn't be offended! I have no idea what I'm talking about, really. :P

    (Notice the shows I listed as "intellectual" [my odd definition of the word, sorry] are mostly character studies. More and more I am turning into an English major.)

  4. Ah, yes, as a partaker of certain mindless shows, I totally understand that hypocrisy!

    I have not seen the movie Boy in the Striped Pajamas, but it's on my list.