Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol 2009 Top 13

Isaac and I have been watching Idol for the last two years and I love it. For all the haters who say the contestants can't sing, there is now a pretty long list of successful artists that have come out of Idol.

In any case, I LOVE this group of finalists.

My favorite:
Danny Gokey

danny gokey

I think a lot of people like Danny, and Idol has certainly hyped up his back story. His wife died within the last year, and he auditioned soon afterwards. He's a worship leader for a ministry in Milwaukee, but what I like best about him is his voice and his personality. He has that easy-going sarcasm that reminds me of Chris Sligh, and he hasn't wavered on a song yet.

Michel Sarver is similar to Danny Gokey
michael sarver
Michael is also a worship leader and his back story as a hard-working Texas country boy from the oil fields has also been played up. He's got a great voice and I like him, but it bugs me that I feel like he's rolling through more on his looks at the moment then on his performances.

Then there's Alison Iraheta:
allison iraheta

She blows me away. When she is being interviewed she's a giggly 16 year old who is trying to be cool but is mostly sort of geeky cute. When the music starts, though, she is more polished then almost all of the other contestants, she looks like she's 28, and she can ROCK. It's amazing.

I love love love Jorge Nunez, even though his performance this week wasn't the best.
jorge nunez

Jorge is from Puerto Rico and last week when he rocked his performance and the judges praised him, I loved it when he dissolved into tears and couldn't find the English words to express his emotions. So cute. I just want to hug him. He reminds me of my friend Ana.

Megan Joy is an interesting one. I generally like the girls less and be biased towards anyone of non-Caucasian background (just bein' honest... and I'm Caucasian... ) because they seem more interesting.
megan joy

Megan, though, has a really cool voice that I could see myself listening to on the radio. She didn't get rave reviews yesterday so I really hope she makes it through - I love her style.

Adam Lambert is a weird performer that is hard for me to like.
adam lambert
He lost the eye liner this week and I hope he stays away from it more often because it looks terrible on him and without it he's actually a good-lookin' guy. His look just kills me - he looks like the kids at my cousin's high school that are wealthy and spoiled but want to be rebels, so they wear the tight jeans and spike their hair and wear leather, but really are just kids from the burbs. Besides, Adam is like 27, so he should really get over it. His voice is awesome, though.

One of my favs that I don't think will make it past this week is Anoop Desai
anoop desai

Anoop is Indian-American and from UNC, and he cracks me up. I think he's in over his head right now, and has reached the limit of his talents. Time to go. Sorry Noop-dog.

There's a few others, but these are the ones I wanted to comment on in particular

So... we'll see. I say this week we lose Anoop and Scot MacIntyre, who is an amazing piano player (and is blind - incredible!), but I'm not sold on the quality of his voice.

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