Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor finale

Oh yes we did, Isaac and I watched the finale of the Bachelor. The first bit was filled with gag-inducing declarations of eternal love ("this is so real") from Our Bachelor Jason Mesnick to TWO different women, and from both of them to him. Isaac so appreciated the eloquent celebration of love that he proceeded to compose his own soliloquy of adoration to something... something like his computer, but it wasn't his computer, we just forgot what it was already. Well, that's sort of ironic, considering Jason seemed for forget his declaration of love and PROPOSAL to Melissa just about as quickly.

The second section of the show hyped up the drama and showed the unprecedented scene of Jason breaking up with Melissa six weeks after the proposal... in front of the camera. Isaac and I yelled at him. So did Melissa. Props to her - she called him what he actually is. Then he made doe-eyes at the girl he'd rejected six weeks ago and told her he still loved her, and they proceeded to make out like the camera wasn't there, and I announced that the whole thing was set up, and Isaac and I vowed to never watch the show again.

Jason's conclusion was that the most important thing is to follow your heart.... and I observed that that really had worked out well for him, since his first following of his heart led in divorce, the second left him dumped on public TV a year ago, and now he just looked like an a** on public tv by reversing his own proposal. Hmm...

Follow your heart... the heart is deceitful above all things.... hmmm..

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