Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 (again) - Disco Week

Dodger's Game - American Idols.

I wasn't looking forward to Disco week as I am generally uninterested in disco music and thought it would be a disaster for most of the contestants. As with country week, it pulled off mostly by transforming disco songs into other styles.

1) Lil - I'm Every Woman
Yikes, skin tight outfit. Not a fan, but I like the hair. She is peppy and fun but I am past her style, which is simply to mold exactly to whatever song she's singing. It's about three weeks past time for her to go home.

2) Kris Allen - She Works Hard for the Money
Christian boy skirts around saying directly that the song is about a prostitute, and that cracks me up. Anyways, I loved the song. Kris sings MY kind of music exactly, and so even though I think Adam, Danny, and Alison all have better voices, I'm lovin' him. His bluesy, jazzy pop is tender and emotional and as Randy says, he knows who he is and performs well. Yay Kris!

3) Danny Gokey - September
Hmm... as Kris continues to rise in my estimation, Danny continues to fall. He has a great voice and perfect pitch, but his style is so cheesy/bubbly... I don't know how to pin it down, but I just don't particularly like it, and I find most of his spot-on performances forgettable. His best are the tender, soft songs, and what I connect with the least are his dancy numbers. He's still so fun as a person, but I like him less and less as a performer.

4) Alison Iraheta - Hot Stuff
Yay, Alison is back! Isaac and I were early fans of her amazing voice, but the past few weeks just haven't been as interesting. This week I loved her, she was fun and showcased her incredible deep voice. Unlike the judges, we actually liked the arrangement.

5) Adam Lambert - If I Can't Have You
He was amazing - is anyone surprised? I loved the suit and it was a good idea to go back and prove again that he can do soft and tender, not just powerhouse screaming. He can. He does it well. Paula cried (she's ridiculous). He is SUCH a performer - he makes it riveting every time, even if you don't like his style.

6) Matt Giraud - Stayin' Alive
I was glad the judges saved Matt. I really like him and his style, he's just not consistent. Paula was right on (for once) when she said he either gets a strike or a gutter ball each week, no in between. I actually liked this performance and I love his funky side - yet again it was sort of like Blake Lewis. The judges didn't like it.... I have a feelin' he's goin home.

7) Anoop Desai - ?? (Missed the song name)
Wow, 'Noop Dog grew scruff! For the first time he doesn't look like a frat boy. I said he sort of looks gay but Isaac disagreed. In any case, I like it. He sings another soft ballad but boy, it really does highlight his smooth voice. His mom is adorable when she poo-pooed Simon's critique. Simon totally slams Anoop after the rest of the judges compliment him... hmm. What do you all think?

So - two people go home this week. I bet it's Matt and Lil.... but I think Anoop could be in there too. I hope the rest are not in danger. After this week it's going to get intense!

Favs of the week:

Adam Pitching. :D / Adllison Moment. :3

*Plays Eye Of The Tiger* xD


  1. It's totally time for Lil to go home....I def think Matt could be in danger too, or Anoop. :) Great review girl!

  2. What cool pics! Neato!

    Really it's about a prostitute? Huh. Learn something new everyday!

  3. I love the pics you have. I assume the results show will cover the visit to Dodgers stadium tonight. All of your critiques of the performances were spot on (and better than mine hehe).