Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Favorite movies of 2007


As I continue to clear out my old blog I am reposting some things, and one of the old lists that deserved recycling is this list of my favorite movies from 2007. I think I'll follow up next week with a list of my favorite movies of 2008, but it won't be quite as long!

Here are my reposted thoughts:
So... I have been wanting to write about movies I liked this year, so I looked up a few lists "best movies of 2007", and ended up completely blown away at how fantastic the last year and a half has been for movies. I don't usually see so many movies in a year that I really love. Actually I've probably watched more movies this year then ever before, thanks to both Isaac and I having nights off, not knowing anyone in Dallas, and subscribing to blockbuster online (great deal). I made a list of movies I enjoyed in a sort of general order, but even the ones towards the end were enjoyable, they just weren't as amazing as the top. I am NOT rating them for quality, just for how much I liked them.

My personal tastes lean towards drama. I also love action IF it has enough drama in it as well. I like kids movies if they are clever, and comedies only if they have intelligent humor. I definitely can't stand dumb guy movies. I've noted if I remember there being a lot of sex or violence.

So... without further ado,

Kacie's List of 36 Recent Favorite Movies

  1. The Namesake (awesome... exactly MY kind of movie)
  2. God Grew Tired of Us (amazing documentary)
  3. Atonement (sex)
  4. 3:10 to Yuma (violent)
  5. Charlie Wilson’s War (nudity)
  6. Casino Royale (sex and violence)
  7. American Gangster (all around R-rated for a reason!)
  8. Hot Fuzz (violent comedy)
  9. No Country for Old Men (violent)
  10. 21
  11. P.S., I Love You (tear-jerker)
  12. Stardust (family movie with plenty of innuendo)
  13. Ratatouille (kids movie)
  14. Elizabeth: The Golden Age
  15. Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  16. Bourne Ultimatum (violent)
  17. Rescue Dawn
  18. Ocean’s 13
  19. Surf’s Up (kids movie)
  20. August Rush (family movie)
  21. Kite Runner
  22. Rendition (violent)
  23. A Mighty Heart
  24. I Am Legend
  25. Into the Wild
  26. The Good Shepherd
  27. Amazing Grace
  28. Juno
  29. Pan’s Labyrinth (kids story but very dark)
  30. Once
  31. Shooter
  32. In the Valley of Elah
  33. Hairspray
  34. Waitress (sex)
  35. No Reservations (family movie)
  36. Miss Potter (family movie)
  37. The Kingdom (violence)

Particular disappointments that I expected to be good were:

La Vie En Rose
The Assasination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Sweeny Todd (just too dark, too bloody, too much for me)
Michael Clayton
There Will Be Blood (this had potential, but was too obscure for me)
You Kill Me

In the process I looked up the Oscars for last year and decided if I agreed or not. The big one, of course, is best picture. They nominated Atonement, which I did love and did think deserved the nomination. Also Juno, which I liked but didn't think deserved Best Picture, and No Country For Old Men, which was well deserving of their win. I disagree with Michael Clayton... I totally didn't get why that one got so many nominations. It was a decent movie, but only that. Not a great one. There Will be Blood was beautiful and stirring, so I get why it was nominated - it was very well done. It was just also dark and obscure, so I couldn't put it on the list of enjoyable movies.


  1. I did love Atonement, but still haven't read the book to compare. I was actually disappointed with the Kite Runner since I loved the book so much. I wish Pan's Labrynth had gotten nominated for Best Pic over Michael Clayton, but I'm not an Oscar voter hehe.

  2. you liked prince caspian? most people i know have really not liked it, and i've avoided it on purpose since prince caspian was my favorite book in that series and it seems like they completely ignored all the themes that made it good.

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