Monday, April 20, 2009

Hurley has a blog!

hurley lost jorge garcia

Yes. Hurley, or Jorge Garcia, has a personal blog. It sure sounds like in real life he is exactly what his character is like on the show (other than that crazy, talks to dead people part!). He uses phrases like "c'mon man" and "dude", and write about mundane things hilariously, including his tiny crop from his garden, spray can pancakes, his dog, and sometimes funny things from the Lost set. I'm almost positive it's really his site, given the personal photos and photos of things like - a rotting avacado inside the fridge of his trailor on the Lost set. Why would a ghost writer write that?

Actors, Jorge Garcia, Yungin Kim

Oh, and he's apparently a sci-fi fan, so I wonder if he actually contributed to his own speech about Star Wars in the last episode.

Here's a random story he told last Monday:

And just my luck I was "randomly selected for a secondary screening."
Let me tell you the LAST thing I want to hear when some dude is patting me
down is,
"Are you the guy from LOST?"
C'mon man. Is this really the
time or the place? Thanks for making "randomly selected" feel a lot less

Jorge Garcia goes shopping

Jorge and his girlfriend

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  1. I'm a huge Lost fan! I am totally hooked. I can't wait to hear what Daniel Faraday has to say on tonight's episode!