Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Locke is the Monster

** update - also read my theory that the "Shadow of the Statue" gang are the original inhabitants of the island, and that Alpert is one of them, and that they may all be ageless.

Isaac insisted that I write this down so that he can point back to it when he is proved right.

He is absolutely insistant after last week's Lost episode that our current resurrection John Locke is actually the monster.


Cast Lost Season 5

Actually, after he said it I have to admit that I thought back quickly and thought - DUH, why didn't that occur to me?

Jacob is this shadowy, mysterious persona that we haven't actually seen but that everyone listens to and fears. Once when we saw a flash of him in the cabin, it was the figure of Christian Shepherd. Then there's Christian Shephard himself, who died in Australia and was transported via casket to the island. There his casket is found empty, and he suddenly starts showing up around the island. The producers have confirmed that Christian Shephard is physically dead. So, either there is some weird time warp thing that is playing with us all, or he is a ghost like Yemi was when he appeared to Eko.

It sure seems like the monster uses bodies that are empty of souls to appear to people on the island. He then speaks to them about their own history but also guides there actions. It's CREEPY.

locke dead lost

So - our executed friend John Locke is transported to the island on the Ajira flight as the copy of Christian Shephard. He's in a casket, he's dead. Suddenly he's alive again, and that freaks everyone out. Now he seems to know a lot - he knows his own past but he also knows a lot about the island, what's supposed to happen, how to find the monster, etc. He's zen and stoic. He seems to be guiding Ben. During the last episode, the only time Locke disappeared was
1) when Ben pulled the plug on the water in the secret closet of his old house that apparently let the monster loose.
2) when Ben fell into a hole in the Temple and is confronted by the monster/the monster embodied in Alex.

AND the monster makes Ben promise to follow John.

So... who's with us? Do you think Ben is actually the monster?

What I don't know is what that means for people like Christian Shepherd, Locke, Alex, Yemi, etc... are they just dead and gone for good? That sort of makes me sad.... but I am really convinced that the Locke we are seeing in these episodes is not actually Locke.

And... is Jacob also just the monster, or is he someone/something else?


  1. hmmm...very interesting! i will have to run this by phil and see what he thinks - sounds possible to me, but then again what isn't on this show? :)

  2. I can see this being the case. I still think Locke was Jacob from the cabin too, but we'll all find out next season which is the case probably.

  3. This is definitely what I'm thinking now... intriguing huh?

    Good point about the stolen children early in the show, and the teddy bear... my best guess would be to say that that might just be a "clue" that later got discarded, but then again maybe it will totally tie in with all the time-hopping we're doing...

  4. fascinating theory - and it makes a lot of sense too.

  5. Hey great minds thing alike. I posted the exact same thing last week. Check it out at http://bricck.blogspot.com/2009/04/dead-is-dead.html

  6. Oh my this acually happend !!!