Monday, July 13, 2009

Favorite So You Think You Can Dance Routines

*warning - might take a while to load*

I LOVE watching people dance. All types of dancing. Thus, I love the show So You Think You Can Dance. Lucky for me, so does our roomate Steph, so we've been watching every week.

Last week another Mia Michael's choreographed dance with the theme of addiction had tv blogs buzzing. I don't actually like Kayla or Kupono, but the dance was beautiful.

I have several favorites from last season, including Katee and Joshua's dance to "No Air". Man...

Apparently Katee was one of my favorites, because I also loved another Mia Michael's routines with Katee and Twitch centered around a door:

Another one from a few seasons ago - "Bleeding Love" with Mark and Chelsea:

Oh man, there's so many more though.
Travis and Heidi and the bench:
Twitch and Joshua having a manly competition in Russian Dance:

This season I'm definitely a fan of Jeanette and Brandon and also love Janine...

So ... who are your favorites and what are your all-time favorite dances?

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  1. Both the Mercy and Bleeding Love routines got Emmy nods and I think they were well deserved. Two other dances from SYTYCD got nods too, but I couldn't remember them actually.

    I can't wait to see the return of The Bench and The Hummingbird/Flower routines next Thursday too as they've been my all time faves.